Our story

I STARTED my fitness journey as a part of my personal growth. Although
I was praised for my body before I started training I wasn't
happy. After Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I gained 35-40 which put my weight at 170 plus. My reasons for gaining weight was based on depression. I was not happy with my life, my career, nor non-existing relationship. I am an emotional person therefore based on my depression I became an emotional eater. Instead of facing my issues head on I decided to eat to suppress them.

One day I finally decided to take control of my life and my situation. I became a motivator for myself. I was introduced to my trainer who is also a life coach Derek Taylor. Derek help me transition my mindset and my body. He showed me how to take control of my body starting with my mind.

I begin to work out with DERAK TAYLOR and like most
fitness enthusiast I became addicted to the lifestyle.
People started to notice a change with my body and mind. Once I started to post my workouts on social media I then began to receive emails and private messages on all my
social networks for advice on losing weight. I was bombarded with fitness questions and complaints on my health and fitness journey.
MY NEW JOURNEY lead me towards a lifestyle change not only
for myself but the motivation for others.

While building a friendship with Derek and learning about his 20
plus years as a personal trainer we then set down to
develop a fitness and lifestyle program to help redirect
your focus. This was the beginning of the Shay J Fit brand. I have provided a website and APP SHAY J FIT to help guide you on your fitness and health lifestyle change.

I hope my Journey can motivate you toward success.

App Shay J Fit


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