Extreme 30 Challenge

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For this challenge, we’re using an easy to follow system with four workouts. All you have to do is download and you’ll get all the information including access to the workouts and tips to complete the challenge!

What the Plan Looks Like:

1. You’ll have 5 days of workouts and 2 rest days per week.
2. Each workout consists of 4 beginner-friendly exercises.
3. Additionally, each workout day, you’ll have to walk or jog. You can do this outdoors or using the treadmill at your gym. The important thing is to have fun!
4. The program gets progressively harder, which will help you tone muscle and build endurance.
5. Below, we’ve included videos showing how to perform each move in the 21-Day Get Fit Challenge. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

The Get Fit Challenge is a 30-day program that will give you the guidance and motivation you need to crush your fitness goals and get you feeling your absolute best.

Join the fun and receive exclusive perks including:

  • Access to 4 week group fitness classes
  • Customized nutrition and dietary support plan
  • Weekly team-building check-ins to keep you on track
  • Enrollment in our first ever 30 day Extreme Challenge to build strength, speed & endurance*
  • Chance to win $1000.00

Are you a part of our current Get Fit Challenge? 

Share your journey with us using the hashtag #ShayJFit #Extreme30 


$29.99 $49.99

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